The key to a world in miniature

The key to a world in miniature

ASSA dp CLIQ is an ultra-safe lock system that combines the classic, mechanically coded key with digital coding. Each CLIQ key has a unique digital code programmed into the grip, giving it its own identity. The holder of the key is automatically granted access to the whole or parts of a building or area, depending on the authorisation coding.

There are the same kind of electronics in the lock cylinder, which communicate with the key. The mechanical and digital codes complement each other and ensure very high security – but the system is still practical and easy to control. No cabling or external power supply is needed, as the key has a built-in battery; the battery powers both the processor in the key and the motor in the lock cylinder.

The system is flexible and the keys are easy to re-program should the structure or authorisation change.

New technology demands a new approch

Electronic components are decreasing in size all the time, and it is this very miniaturisation that makes CLIQ technology possible. The microchip and battery are inserted into the ergonomically designed key grip after production. However, two optical fibres, a buzzer (for audible access confirmation) and a thread set are built into the grip in the injection moulding stage.

This type of application in a two-component injection mould is unique, and has called for a whole new approach.

Investments to realize technology

The advanced production process and high technological level led to investments in a new production line. Complete manufacture of the key grips takes place in two cells containing six-axle robots, a two-component injection mould and a portal robot.

The thread set is placed in the tool, after which the grip casing is moulded around it. The robots add the buzzer and optic fibres, and the product is then fitted with a watertight seal. All stages call for the highest possible precision.

To further strengthen the brand identity, a stainless steel washer is added to the key grip, etched with ASSA’s logos.