Solid Entrysystems

Access Control Systems

Solid AB is a company in the ASSA ABLOY Group which develops Access Control Systems, expandable from one to thousands of doors. The company manufactures the systems, and also offers project planning and customisation.

Integral from development and technical design

The latest access control system in Solid’s Solicard programme uses RFID signals for identification, which has placed brand new demands on development of the system’s new card readers. The zinc housing has a plastic front, which is necessary to enable the signals to pass through. GeJi has been part of the project group, contributing its expertise in plastics during development and technical design. This has included important considerations regarding the choice of material, as the plastic has to be UV stable and non light-reflective in strong sunlight, for example.

In Mould Decoration

When injection moulding the plastic front, In Mould Decoration (IMD) has been used for colouring, figures and logos. The IMD technique produces a durable surface with great freedom of choice when it comes to colour scheme. Using IMD has made it possible to clarify the figures with Braille. The manufacturing process is also more efficient as time-consuming finishing processes like overlay or printing have been eliminated.