Breas Medical

When life is at stake

Demands for life and death quality

Breas Medical develops breathing ventilators for the healthcare sector. There are several different models of ventilators for use in patient care and at home. For all the products there are extreme demands on function, as precision and operational reliability could be a matter of life or death.

Involved from design to production

GeJi has been extensively involved in the development and technical design of several models. The process encompassed the outer casing, as well as constituent components such as fans, fan housings and filter brackets. Great care has been taken to make the mechanism as quiet as possible so as not to cause a disturbance in a tranquil care setting.

In Mould Decoration

The casings and displays are injection moulded by GeJi. The displays are clear and easy to read thanks to In Mould Decoration. The surfaces are easy to keep clean, and they also withstand the disinfectants so common in healthcare.

The fan and water container are ultrasonically welded after injection moulding, and all the plastic details – housing and components – are delivered in sets for further assembly.