Raymarine wind transducers

Precision to hundredths of a millimetre

For high-precision wind transducers

SKF is a well-reputed product developer in wind power and wind measurement, areas in which the company’s ball bearings play a pivotal role. For Raymarine, a world leader in marine electronics, SKF has developed a unit for high-precision wind transducers.

Material selection, testing and assessments

Wind strength is gauged using a unit made by SKF. GeJi was involved in development of the housing that encases the transducer shaft, with responsibility for material selection, testing tools and assessments.

Precision for a hundreths of a milimeter

The housing for the ball bearing is injection moulded by GeJi with extremely high precision. The details are so small that the tolerances are down in the hundredths of a millimetre, which imposes stringent requirements on the tools and machines used. The slightest deviation would prevent SKF’s unit from living up to the customers’ extreme demands on accuracy in the wind transducer readings.